Emergency Preparedness Webinars

Below you will find information on upcoming and archived webinars related to emergency preparedness around tips and resources for preparation, response and recovery from a disaster.

Child Care Disaster Response and Recovery Webinar Series

In the Fall of 2017, Child Care Aware® of America’s emergency preparedness team launched an all new Disaster Response and Recovery Webinar Series to help meet CCR&R staff needs. The webinar series introduced CCR&Rs to partnering organizations who serve in a response/recovery capacity and will provide an overview of resources available to children and families. The webinar series is also designed to help CCR&R organizations better understand their role after disasters.

Each season, we plan to have a new series of webinars focusing on preparedness! See our upcoming webinars and archived webinars below.

Upcoming Webinars

Helping Child Care Providers Prepare for Radiation Emergencies
March 26, 2018 8-9 p.m. ET

Child care providers play a critical role in keeping children safe from a variety of emergencies. Planning for emergencies like fires, tornadoes, and earthquakes is common practice in child care programs, but some emergencies with less probability also exist and child care providers may not know what steps to take to keep themselves and children safe. One of the least understood and greatly feared threats is a radiation emergency. Radiation emergencies may be unintentional (e.g., caused by a transportation accident) or intentional (caused by humans with the intent to cause harm to large numbers of people). Experts from public health organizations, including the CDC, will lead this webinar to help the child care industry understand the threats presented by radiation, response techniques, and resources available to become better prepared.

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After the Disaster:  Food Safety and Dealing with Environmental Mold in Your Child Care Setting
Monday, May 14, 2018 8-9 p.m. ET
Co-Sponsored by NAFCC

Loss of power, excess moisture and standing water are common problems that exist as a result of natural disasters. During the webinar, get tips for determining safety of food after a power loss as well as information on understanding how to deal with mold in your child care program.

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Keeping Kids Safe:  Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Threat  Basics for Child Care Programs
Monday, June 18, 2018 8-9 p.m. ET
Co-Sponsored by NAFCC

The news of recent school shootings has caused heightened stress for everyone, including child care providers and programs.  What can you do keep children in your child care program safe from similar threats?  This webinar will introduce child care providers to some of the basic prevention steps to take to in dealing with violence, such as an active shooter incident.

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Let’s Get Ready:  Planning Together for Emergencies
Monday, July 23, 2018 8-9 p.m. ET
Co-Sponsored by NAFCC

Preparing for emergencies is something that families and child care providers can do together!  Using Sesame Street materials, help children remember important information and create a family emergency kit and plan.

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Child Care Emergency Supply Kits: What to Pack and Where It’s At
Monday, August 20, 2018 8-9 p.m. ET
Co-Sponsored by NAFCC

Every child care program should have fully-stocked emergency supply kits ready to use—one that is portable for evacuations and another that is on-site for sheltering in place.  This webinar will provide you with a greater understanding of what to put in your kits and how to store them.

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December 19: Addressing Post-Disaster Financial and Resource Needs of Child Care Programs

PDF of PowerPoint Slides
Hasbro PlayRelief Kits  FEMA Public Assistance Private Nonprofit Child Care Facilities

November 28, 2017: Supporting Children in the Aftermath of Disasters

  PDF of PowerPoint Slides

October 24: Helping Children and Families After Disasters

PDF of PowerPoint Slides
Sesame Street - Helpful Resources
Camp Noah FAQs
Camp Noah Supplemental Information

Oct. 3: When Disaster Strikes_Protecting Your Family Child Care Business

  PDF of PowerPoint Slides Reducing the Financial Toll of Emergencies How Insurance Protects You in an Emergency

Sept. 26, 2017: Coordination of Emergency and Respite Care Post Disasters

  PDF of PowerPoint Slides
Training for Guardian Programs
Example MOU for Facility Use
MOU from District 7 


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