Vroom Week

What is Vroom®?

Vroom® is an early learning initiative that empowers parents/families/child care providers to turn everyday moments into brain building moments with children birth to five. Vroom® is based on the latest science and designed to fit into every day routines.

Why celebrate Vroom® Week?

The purpose of Vroom® Week is to celebrate the importance of brain building for children birth to five. We are also excited to celebrate Family Engagement Month and Military Family Month, alongside Vroom® Week this year.

How can I participate?

Share brain building/Vroom® related posts on social media using the hashtag #Vroom4TheFuture during the month of November to be entered to win some exciting prizes. You can share photos, Vroom Tips™, brain science facts, etc.

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Daily Tips

(Click each tip to enlarge.)


Memory Master Monday

Go back and forth about what you’re doing. Simple things count– even your chewing!

Before and After: Ages 2-3

Daily Do-Over: Ages 4-5

Take Turns Tuesday

Take turns when you explore, talk, or play. Trying wait, go, wait, go might make your day!

Cup Tower: Ages 2-3

Letter Lookout: Ages 4-5

Word Play Wednesday

Teach your child words as you play. They learn from the songs you sing and the things you say!

Dressing Play: Ages 0-1

Tune Time: Ages 2-3


Let’s Play Thursday

When it comes to playtime, two’s better than one – so react to your child’s words, sounds, and movements to up the fun!

Exercise Buddy: Ages 1-2

Silly Charades: Ages 4-5


Follow Friday

Tune into your child’s sounds, movements, and more. Go back and forth, then see what’s in store!

Babble On: Ages 0-1
Little Blinker: Ages 3-4

Thank you to all who celebrated with us! Click each of the collages below to view in full screen.



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