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Welcome to our Family Voices Blog/Vlog series! These stories, written by families like you, will elevate the contemporary triumphs, challenges, and opportunities present in their local child care settings and the child care system as a whole. So, grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea to enjoy while you immerse yourself in the real-world child care experiences of families from across the nation.

Family Voices Successful at Driving Federal Policy

by Kim Engelman, Chief of Family & Community Engagement
September 1, 2017

In the Spring of 2017, families from across the nation joined early care and education system professionals in Washington, D.C. These families traveled from all four corners of the United States including Washington, California, Florida, Maine and 18 other states in between. It was incredible to witness the diversity this group encompassed and their passion to unite on behalf of children and families across the country.

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From One Family to Another: Tips to Make the Transition Easier

By Guest blogger, Tammy, parent advocate

August 29, 2017

One parent shares her experience on transitioning children from child care to school. From one parent to another, this mother provides tips on transitioning, including doing your homework on the child care center, interviewing the director and requesting a tour, bringing your child to the facility, maintaining a consistent drop-off schedule, and taking the transition one day at a time.

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Sick, Absent, or Forgotten? How a Change in Routine Can Become Deadly in Minutes

by Guest blogger, Kristie Reeves, parent advocate
July 31, 2017

Have you ever had a child in your child care program not arrive by her usual arrival time and simply rationalized that the child must be sick or on vacation today? My mission is to show you how this assumption can have lethal consequences for dozens of young children annually. How? Each year since 1998, an average of 37 children have perished due to what is known as vehicular heatstroke, also referred to as vehicular hyperthermia or child hot car deaths. At the time of this blog, 23 cases have been documented in 2017, and more than 723 since 1998.

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The Exorbitant Cost of Child Care: A Millennial Parent Perspective

By Guest blogger, Typhani Short, millennial and single parent 
July 6, 2017

I am a 26-year-old single mother of a beautiful little girl. I love being a parent. But the cost of child care for a child under the age of two is so expensive in the Washington, DC metro area. More than half of my paycheck goes to child care. As millennial, that is not much money starting out for a single parent. I thought making just over $48K a year would be the best thing in the world until I realized that I won’t be able to qualify for state assistance anymore.
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The Struggle of Finding Affordable, Quality Care for a Child with Special Needs

By Guest blogger, Bianca, single mother of a child with special needs
June 28, 2017
Bianca, a single mother of a four-year-old son with special needs, faced the difficult choice of staying home to take care of her son or working herself into the ground to make ends meet. With the help of affordable, quality child care she was able to continue to work without worrying about the safety or well-being of her son.


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A Dad’s Perspective: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

By Guest Blogger, Travis Jones, husband and father of two
June 13, 2017

February 24, 2012 was the day my life changed! I became a father to a precious baby girl. As a newly minted parent, I wanted to provide the best possible life for her. My wife was fortunate to have banked enough vacation and sick time to stay home for the first 12 weeks after birth, and I was able to modify my schedule to maximize my time with our daughter during those early formative months. Like many Americans with infants, maternity leave ended, and my wife went back to work earlier than both of us would have liked.
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The Role Child Care Plays for Single Parents

By Guest Blogger, April, single mom of five
May 16, 2017

Child care was a lifesaver for my family and me. I am a single mom and have taken my three children to child care since they were 2 years old. I would not have been able to support my family without child care. When my children turned of age in 2012 I also received custody of my niece and nephew. I took them to the same family child care home that my children went to. The kids loved it. They participated in so many learning activities, were well fed, and loved it like they were in their own home.

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A Mother’s Story: The Challenge and Gift of Affording Quality Child Care

By Guest Blogger, Brittany, mother of two
May 16, 2017

I work in the nonprofit sector. It is something I am incredibly passionate about, but I do not make a lot of money. I have twin boys that are just over a year-and-a-half old now. They are in child care and have been since they were infants. Fortunately, I was able to get an ABC voucher that greatly offsets the cost of their child care. (I currently pay $100 per week). If I didn’t have an ABC voucher then I would be paying $1,600 per month or more for child care. There is no way I could afford that. There is no way that most people could afford that.

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Child Care Aware® of America Introduces the Family Voices Blog/Vlog Series

by Kim Engelman, Chief of Family & Community Engagement
May 22, 2017

Welcome to our Family Voices Blog/Vlog series! Grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea to enjoy while you immerse yourself in the real-world child care experiences of families from across the nation. These stories all have been written or video logged by people just like you and me who care deeply about the child care choices they have and see immense value in the opportunities that early care and education services offer for children, families, employers, and communities.
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