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Where was the information for the national aggregate chart and state charts obtained?

Data reported by this project was generated by the Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) Compendium . The QRIS Compendium is an online comprehensive resource that allows for the creation of customizable data reports about specific QRIS data elements, such as the family partnership and engagement indicators being used in each program.

This project reports on 13 indicators. How were they determined and defined? For example, what is meant by the family engagement indicator “related training.”

According to the QRIS Compendium, the information generated by their database represents what states self-reported to them in late summer 2015. The 13 family partnership and engagement indicators emerged from what was reported by states. Family engagement feature categories with “none” listed means there were no family engagement indicators reported to the QRIS Compendium that would fall under that feature category.

It is recognized that some states use family engagement indicators beyond the 13 noted by the QRIS Compendium, and those have been listed within the individual state charts under the comments section. As the indicators were self-reported, the QRIS Compendium did not establish criteria or definitions for what each of the 13 indicators mean.

QRIS Compendium staff have indicated via personal communications that in summer 2016, states will receive a request to provide updates that have been made to their QRIS programs since 2015.

How do the charts reflect that family engagement might be included in licensing or accreditation requirements and therefore not reflected in the state’s QRIS indicators?

This project is unique in its focus on those elements of family engagement specifically measured in QRIS. While it is understood that licensing regulations form the foundation or baseline for many QRIS programs, this project advocates for key features of family engagement to be used in ongoing performance monitoring, rather than point-in-time verification often characterized by licensure procedures.

I am interested in learning more about QRIS programs in other states. How do I get in touch with other state and QRIS administrators?

There are many ways to connect and network with fellow state and QRIS administrators.

  • Each state chart has a website that links to the respective state’s program website. From there, you may click on contact information, which is readily available on most of the sites.
  • The Administration for Children and Families website also maintains a list of state and territory contacts here.
  • Additionally, the Child Care Aware® of America team may provide contact information on a one-on-one request basis. Contact us today!

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