Support Student-Parents Through the CCAMPIS Act of 2017

One out of every four college students is also a parent. According to numerous studies, the number of parents attending college has grown significantly over the last 15 years while many colleges have simultaneously eliminated child care services, leaving parents with the burden of trying to find safe, quality care while balancing their course schedule.

The newly reintroduced Child Care Access Means Parents in Schools (CCAMPIS) Improvement Act of 2017 is the only federal program that supports child care services for low-income parents in college, and services are provided year-round.

The CCAMPIS Act of 2017 would:

  • Permanently reauthorize the CCAMPIS program and increases funding to $67 million annually;
  • Require the Department of Education to work with stakeholders to review the annual performance report to ensure they are informative but not over-burdensome;
  • Require the Office of Post-Secondary Education at the Department of Education to report to Congress a year after enactment about how the Department can better serve student parents.

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