Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2015

Eleven million children younger than age five are in some form of child care in the United States. The Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2015 Report summarizes the cost of child care across the country, examines the importance of child care as a workforce support and as an early learning program, and explores the effect of high costs on families’ child care options.

This year’s report continues to expose child care as one of the most significant expenses in a family budget, often exceeding the cost of housing, college tuition, transportation, or food.

Child care is often even more expensive in urban settings than in more rural parts of a state, meaning statewide averages often understate the cost of care in more heavily populated regions. Child Care Aware® of America examined five of the country’s largest metropolitan areas by population where we were able to obtain county-level cost data , and you can now find this information in the newest report.

The cost of child care varies widely across states, and the cost of living in each state also affects the affordability of child care for families. Child Care Aware© of America’s interactive Cost of Care map allows users to examine the cost and affordability of child care across states. Hover over the map to see child care cost data in each state.

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