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Child Care Aware® of America undertakes research on the child care landscape, and uses it to advocate for child care policies that improve the lives of children and families.

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The High Price of Child Care

A review of child care as a sound return on investment and our recommendations for supporting families & child care providers.

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2018 State Fact Sheets

How is your state supporting working families and the challenges they face? Find out more about what's being done.

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Public Policy Agenda: 2016-2017

Our policy priorities represented in this agenda serve as our roadmap for advocating for a high-quality, affordable child care system for all families.

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Mapping the Gap

Story maps showing challenges in child care supply and demand and useful resources to ensure accessibility to quality child care.

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2017 State Fact Sheets

Includes an introduction with an overview of the child care landscape and child care state fact sheets for each state & DC.

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Child Care State Licensing

Database developed for policy makers, child care advocates, and providers to align state child care licensing requirements.

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Millennial Map

Story map about issues facing millennial parents, and a look at the affordability of full-time center-based care for an infant and of full-time center-based care for two children.

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Child Care Deserts

Addresses the increasing gap between high-quality, affordable child care supply and demand for families across the country.

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Unequal Access for Boys of Color

Explores the biased treatment of boys & young men of color of all classes.

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2016 State Fact Sheets

Uses data from state CCR&R agencies and other state agencies to look at and compare state characteristics and costs.

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Leaving Children to Chance: 2012 Update

Dives in to state policies for small family child care homes, where up to six children are cared for in the home of the provider for compensation.

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We Can Do Better: 2013 Update

Scoring and ranking the states, including DC and the DOD, on 11 program requirements and 4 oversight benchmarks for child care centers.

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Child Care Aware of America

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