National Preparedness Month

Ensuring you, your loved ones, and your little ones are prepared for any and all emergencies is of paramount importance. September is National Preparedness Month and CCAoA is encouraging parents, child care providers and child care resource and referral staff to take the Preparedness Pledge!

What is the Preparedness Pledge?

By signing up for the preparedness pledge you will receive a task each week of September. These tasks are designed to help you be more prepared. Tag us on Facebook  Instagram or Twitter as you are completing the task to be entered into our raffle. Each week we will pick two winners and they will receive a preparedness related item!

Sign up for the pledge below!

Sample Tasks

Our task will not only offer you valuable tips on preparedness but they will also ask you to take action in your own lives! Tasks may include:

  • Teaching children their addresses and important phone numbers
  • Preparing your home for flooding
  • Write an emergency preparedness plan for your business or home

Preparedness Tips and Resources

For more information, valuable tips and resources on emergency preparedness, visit us at

Also, check out this resource:

Blog Posts

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