Drop! Cover! Hold On!

These three, simple steps can help you protect yourself during an earthquake.

Earthquakes can happen in all 50 states at any time of the year. Are you prepared?

Check out your surroundings, if there was an earthquake right now where would you go?

A table, desk, counter –

Also take time to look around and see what big items may cause a problem during an earthquake. For example, that big screen television or bookcase – are they secured to the wall properly? Big items can shake and fall during an earthquake. This can cause injury or may pin you to the ground. This is particularly problematic for children.

Check out this video from the Illinois Broadcasters Association:

Birthday Earthquake IBA PSA-Master from Illinois Broadcasters Assoc. on Vimeo.

For more information, check out FEMA’s


Child Care Aware of America

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