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Child Care Aware® of America has heard the concerns of early learning professionals who are worried about the threat of violent incidents that may occur. We are now offering special resources specifically geared towards for child care providers.

While no one wants to find themselves caught in the middle of a domestic violence or active shooter scenario, it is something that can and does happen almost daily in the United States. Just as we prepare for hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes, we must also prepare for violent or active shooter events.


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Keeping Kids Safe:  The Basics of Active Shooter Planning and Response for Child Care Programs
Co-Sponsored by NAFCC

The news of recent school shootings has caused heightened stress for everyone, including child care providers and programs.  What can you do keep children in your child care program safe from similar threats?  This webinar will introduce child care providers to some of the basic prevention steps to take to in dealing with violence, such as an active shooter incident.

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This webinar is offered as part of our free 2018 Preparedness Webinar Series

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