2018 Symposium Call for Proposals

Call for Presentations

We are looking for individuals who work with or for the child care community who can bring thoughtful, solutions-based presentations that are the heart of our programming, and we welcome proposals on a variety of topics.

Below are some examples of topics and questions that presenters may want to address:

  • CCDBG Implementation: CCDBG Implementation is the target focus for many states and child care resource and referral agencies (CCR&Rs) across the country. Our Symposium is scheduled one month after the March 1, 2018 deadline for state CCDBG plans, as required by the law. What are some policy actions states should take advantage of during this period? What are best practices, and how can states collaborate to share these practices?
  • Evidence-Based Research: Evidence-based research is one of the hot topics in the early learning community. There have been studies that promote early learning and studies that negate the value of early learning. What evidence-based research is available to state agencies, CCR&Rs, and provider networks across the country?
  • Health Aware: Research and studies have proven the importance of good health practices among the early childhood community. How can child care stakeholders share and promote best practices as new requirements continue to develop? How can child care stakeholders create a new culture within the child care community, given the various barriers?
  • Child Care Equity: Equity inchild care across different communities and socioeconomic classes is a measure of achievement and a sign of fairness in how we fund child care and early education. Ensuring that children have access to high quality and affordable early childhood programs can help children prepare for school and succeed later in life and supports the workforce in every community. High-quality child care is especially important for historically vulnerable and underserved populations that often encounter barriers to funding and accessing care. How can child care stakeholders create a new culture within the child care community with equitable outcomes in mind?
  • Family and Community Engagement: Child care and early learning is unique from other educational systems in how it reaches parents, and family members of children in provider care. Family and community engagement is critical to the advancement of child care and early learning’s present and future. What are some of the best practices regarding family and community engagement? What are some areas of opportunity and challenges for the child care stakeholder community?

Presentation Details

  • All sessions are 90 minutes
  • Rooms will be set up in theater style
  • All rooms will include a head table and a podium
  • All rooms will be supplied with an LCD projector, screen, and an A/V cart

Presenters must bring:

  • A laptop for their presentation
  • Back-up copies of their presentation
  • Copies of handouts or other materials for distribution to attendees

Important Notes for Presenters

  • All selected presenters must sign a release form allowing Child Care Aware® of America to reproduce or rebroadcast the session
  • All selected presenters must pay their own travel, lodging, and expenses for the conference
  • All presenters must pay their registration fee of $479 by February 26 to be included in the program book and present at the conference.

Presentation Selection Process

Deadline for proposal submissions is September 1, 2017. Proposals must be submitted via the online submission form. Successful submissions will demonstrate best practices for adult learning. Presenters will be notified via email of their selection status by September 30, 2017. Please email questions to symposium@usa.childcareaware.org.

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