Archived Publications and Reports

Annual Reports

CCA Annual Report: 2017 CCA Annual Report: 2016


CCA Annual Report: 2015


CCA Annual Report: 2014

Annual Report cover 2013_small

CCA Annual Report: 2013

Annual Report_2011-12

CCA Annual Report: 2011-12

Cost of Care Reports

The US and the High Cost of Child Care: 2018

Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2017

Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2016

Parents and the High Price of Child Care: 2009

State Fact Sheets

State Fact Sheets: 2018

State Fact Sheets: 2017

Public Policy Reports

Child_Care in America

Child Care in America: Parents’ Perspectives


Capitol Connection Guidebook 112th Congress, 2nd Session: A Congressional Resource Manual for CCT&Rs

Child Care in Thirteen Economically

Child Care in Thirteen Economically Disadvantaged Communities

Child Care Like the Military

Child Care: Like the Military, Is It Time for Shared Responsibilities

Promoting Healthy Practices


Promoting Healthy Practices in Child Care Centers

State Budget Cuts: America’s Kids Pay the Price, 2011 Update

The Economy’s Impact on Parent’s Choices and Perceptions about Child Care

Answering the Call

Answering the Call: A Guide to Providing High-Quality Consumer Education and Referral Services (for CCR&R Specialists)


Health Practices, Steps to Quality: A Guide for CCR&Rs to Assist Child Care Programs

State Budget Cuts: America’s Kids Pay the Price

Effective Inspection Policies Promote Children’s Safety and Healthy Development in Child Care





Why Aren’t We Outraged? Children Dying in Child Care Across America


Parent Services Spearheaded by Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies

Research Studies

Comp Quality Rating Improv Systems QRIS

Comparison of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) with Department of Defense Standards for Quality

Functional Cost Analyses

Functional Cost Analyses of State Child Care Resource and Referral Systems



Leaving Children to Chance: 2012 Update


What Do Parents Think About Child Care? Findings from a Series of Focus Groups
Thorman Strategy Group Eval

The Thorman Strategy Group Evaluation of the 40-Hour Initial Pre-Service Training for Entry-Level Child Care Providers


We Can Do Better: 2013 Update: Child Care Aware of America’s Ranking of State Child Care Center Regulations and Oversight

Tip Sheets

ChildStress_Whitepaper-page-001Supporting Children Who Are Experiencing Stress

Other Publications

Quality Infant and Toddler Child Care Matter

Also, these materials are designed for families and child care providers on-the-go. Keep information about quality child care at your fingertips by downloading a PDF to print and take with you or pulling up our mobile-friendly versions on your phone or tablet.

Child Care Aware’s cover a range of topics for families, like selecting the right child care for your infant or toddler, early literacy, finding help paying for child care, choosing care for a child with special needs and more. Child care providers will find helpful information on marketing, training and funding for their child care businesses. If you are interested in ordering any CCA materials in bulk, please contact

Child Care Aware of America

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