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This media kit is meant to assist staff, partners, media, and other organizations with appropriate branding information and logos for Child Care Aware® of America. If you would like to speak to someone representing the organization for a news program or article, please contact news@usa.childcareaware.org.

Child Care Aware® of America Logos and Guidelines

These guidelines show the correct usage of the Child Care Aware® of America logotype and were created to ensure brand consistency throughout our member network. The Child Care Aware® of America logotype was created as part of a visual identity system, which was developed to establish and promote a brand: ensuring that all communication, and indeed everything that makes up Child Care Aware® of America’s public image, serves to give an intentional and positive impression.


Who Should Use These Guidelines

These guidelines were prepared to assist Child Care Aware® of America, its members and partners to promote the identity of the organization. Please review these guidelines carefully before creating any materials using the Child Care Aware® of America identity.

This guide should be supplied to any vendors or other external resources to ensure that our identity is used properly.

About The Child Care Aware® of America Logo

Child Care Aware® of America is visually represented by a logotype. The LOGOTYPE is set in two distinct typefaces, Scala Sans and Vince Hand II.


The official color combination is red and blue. When the Logotype appears on a dark background, the color version of the Logotype must appear in red and white.

Color Values

Adhere to the following color reproduction guidelines to create a consistent image and maintain the visual impact of the Logotype.


Spot Inks:

  • Blue = PANTONE® 280
  • Red = PANTONE® 1795

Process Inks:

  • PANTONE® 198-1
  • PANTONE® 73-1


  • Blue = 100-72-0-18
  • Red = 0-94-100-0

Web/On Screen

Primary logo colors

  • Blue = 0 – 73 – 144 (Web Safe: 004990)
  • Red = 238 – 49 – 36 (Web Safe: EE3124)


Secondary color palette

  • Purple = 178 – 25 – 127 (Web Safe: B2197F)
  • Bright Orange = 243 – 161 – 0 (Web Safe: F3A100)
  • Light Green = 140 – 199 – 0 (Web Safe: 8CC700)
  • Light Orange = 246 – 186 – 69 (Web Safe: F6BA45)
  • Light Blue = 37 – 132 – 223 (Web Safe: 2584DF)


Always use PANTONE®-approved swatches for color matching. Do not match to existing printed pieces or to on-screen display. Custom color mixes may be required when using non-calibrated, desktop color printers.

Consistency and Quality

To ensure consistency, the Child Care Aware® of America logotype should only be reproduced in ways covered on this page. Do not alter the logotype in any way. Do not animate or distort it. Do not add drop shadows, bevels, or other three-dimensional effects.

The Logotype should never be used as a background or as a component of a larger image. Do not stretch or squeeze the logotype.

Background Colors

The Child Care Aware® of America logotype must be legible against the background colors. Solid backgrounds are preferred, but the logotype may appear on photos or textured backgrounds, provided there is sufficient contrast for it to be easily read.


Unacceptable Brand treatments

  1. Do not change the colors.
  2. Do not print the knockout version on a light-colored background.
  3. Do not print the color version on a dark background.
  4. Do not print the Signature on a textured background.
  5. Do not screen the values.
  6. Do not distort the proportions.
  7. Do not alter the placement of the elements.
  8. Do not duplicate any part of the signature to create a pattern.
  9. Do not add any shadows, effects or other elements.
  10. Do not tilt.






Size Restrictions

The Brand, at 100%, should be 1.75” wide. It should not be reproduced smaller than 1.5” wide.


Graphics, type, photographs, or illustrations should not encroach upon the minimum clear space around the Brand. The clear space (x-height) is the height of upper case “C” letters in Child Care.


 Logo Use On Screen

When used online, it is appropriate for the logotype to link to the Child Care Aware® of America home page (www.usa.childcareaware.org). When used on-screen, the logotype should never appear jagged or rough. Do not use spot color or process color versions on screen, use Web and on-screen palettes.

Child Care Aware of America

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