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Child Care Aware® of America understands that preparing families to make the best child care choice is important. Preparing those caring for their children is equally important. Research overwhelmingly finds that provider training, retention, and compensation are the best indicators for child care quality. A well-trained child care workforce is needed to meet increasing demands.

We are dedicated to supporting prospective and current child care providers. Child Care Aware® of America has partnerships, programs, and resources that are designed to help child care providers learn more about how to start a child care business, sustain their child care business, keep informed on current legislation and policies affecting young children, continue professional development and have access to hundreds of fun, learning activities to do with children in their care.

The safety and well-being of children is a primary concern of child care providers. It takes a great deal of trust for parents to leave their children in child care, and when disasters occur, this trust takes on a new dimension. Child Care Aware® of America understands this and is leading the first-ever nationwide initiative to prepare child care programs for disasters. To help you ensure that children are safe, Child Care Aware® of America offers resources that you can use in planning for and recovering from any catastrophe that strikes. You may also be interested in the tools for helping children and families cope with the tragedy, as well as resources for recognizing early warning signs which may lead to youth violence.

Take a look at the many provider-focused resources Child Care Aware® of America has available for you.


Child Care® Aware

Child Care Aware® is a nonprofit initiative that helps prospective child care providers locate information on starting, staffing, and sustaining a child care business. We do this by working closely with local child care resource and referral agencies nationwide, and by connecting providers with the agencies best equipped to serve their needs.

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Child Care Licensing

Many states have different levels of regulatory requirements and use different terms to refer to these levels (e.g., licensing, certification, registration). Visit our state-by-state map to learn more about child care licensing regulations in your state.

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Child Care Aware Training Academy™

Child Care Aware® of America’s online training courses are designed to help early childhood professionals complete annual training requirements and acquire required training hours for those seeking a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, CDA credential renewal or in-service training. Our courses provide a variety of engaging topics designed specifically for the early childhood professional.

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Disaster Preparedness

Natural disasters and emergencies may occur at any time. It is important as a child care provider to have an emergency plan in place. You want to be able to assure parents your have a plan in place to protect their child if such an emergency should effect your child care. Child Care Aware® of America has developed a new website, that assists both family child care providers and child care centers plan and prepare for various disasters.

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Background Checks

Find information on background checks, what’s expected of providers with the reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant, and what a full background check includes.

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Take Action

You can help raise the bar on quality child care by getting involved and letting local and national leaders know that quality child care is important to you and your community. Every voice counts. Join thousands of CCR&Rs, child care providers, and parents like you to make quality child care a reality for all families.

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Child Care Aware of America

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