What I’ve Learned at Child Care Aware ® of America This Summer

Our intern, Antonio, shares his thoughts on child care aids.


Finding a solution to child care issues in the United States is a daunting task that has stumped every policy maker to date. It seems that no matter what stance you take, there is always someone left unhappy. While interning for Child Care Aware® of America, I was given the unique opportunity to analyze proposals with an open mind. If my time interning here has taught me one thing, it is that policy makers will have to work together in order to find an appropriate solution.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think there is a bill or policy that will quickly and successfully resolve child care issues. I do think, however, that with a combined and continuous effort, we can eventually find a solution that will benefit everyone. Apparently, I am not the only one who has come to this conclusion either. Some congressman have proposed bills with bipartisan support that are making great progress.

Once example of legislative cooperation is Congressman Yoder (KS-R) and Murphy (FL-D,) who have recently introduced the Promoting Affordable Childcare for Everyone Act (PACE) Act. The PACE Act’s plan is to lightly adjust tax credits and spending-account limits to help families afford child care. The PACE Act is a noticeable improvement from previous bills because it isn’t leaving anyone behind. Even if this act does falter, it’s exciting to see such great bipartisan progress.

I encourage families to look at the child care issue from an objective standpoint. It has opened my eyes to both new viewpoints and new opinions that I had never considered before. No matter what your stance on the issue, the only way to work towards a solution is through collaboration. Let’s all put in an effort to consider each other’s differences and support legislators who are trying to do the same.

Join us in telling Congress to include child care in the tax reform package!

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