Child Care Aware® of America Releases 2017 State Fact Sheets

Help for families struggling to pay for quality child care, such as the federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), is, pivotal to supporting quality child care in the nation. Strategically, states are already investing CCDBG funds in raising the quality of child care programs, as well as in efforts to improve affordability of and access to child care that support workforce participation throughout the economy. We need data from states to understand the child care landscape and help guide state and community-level decision-makers, policymakers, child care advocates, and program administrators in their push for accessible, affordable, quality child care.

Checking In: A Snapshot of the Child Care Landscape – 2017 Report

Checking In: A Snapshot of the Child Care Landscape – 2017 Report summarizes services provided by child care resources and referral agencies (CCR&Rs), as well as costs, health and safety standards, and the supply and demand of child care in individual states. Furthermore, the report includes the characteristics of families in and out of the workforce, along with their level and type of need. This year’s state fact sheets include new information related to states’ QRIS, health policy, and emergency preparedness initiatives, as well as a deeper look at the types of requests fielded and referrals offered by state CCR&Rs.

Based on the findings in this year’s report, Checking In: A Snapshot of the Child Care Landscape – 2017 Report, and the ever expanding portfolio of literature on the effectiveness and positive return on investment for quality child care, Child Care Aware® of America recommends the expansion of funding provided through CCDBG to increase investments in child care. Our country must quickly recognize the value of child care as a setting in which early childhood education is already occurring and a vital support for many working families. Recognizing these values will enable our country to remain competitive in the 21st-century global economy.

Check out information on your state’s child care landscape. As you review the state fact sheets, you will notice that many of our states are already investing CCDBG funds in raising the quality of child care programs, as well as in supports for workforce participation throughout the nation. It’s still not enough! Let your state and national representatives know—expanded investments in child care quality, affordability, and access lead to positive outcomes for all children, their families, and our country.


  1. JOAnn Lockhart on

    Hello I’m wondering if there is any programs that help find childcare for my 9 month old son..And is there any programs to help offset the cost of daycare..

    • Adina Young on

      Ho JoAnn.

      Thanks for your message. Yes, there should be an agency in your state or area that can help you find child care, and your state has a program that helps eligible families pay for child care. Your local Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) agency can give you a list of child care providers that meet your needs. You can find your local agency by searching here: Give them a call and ask for a list of child care referrals.

      Your state has a program that helps eligible families pay for child care. Visit Child Care Aware’s State by State Resource Map to find information for the program in your state: (click on your state, then click on the Financial Assistance tab. Child Care Assistance is the first resource listed).

      If you’d like any assistance finding these resources or to speak with someone about finding and choosing child care, contact Child Care Aware by phone (1-800-424-2246) or chat on

  2. Karren on

    I’m trying to find what the requirements are in becoming a Child Care Provider for Military Drill Weekends. I’m already State Licensed. My husband has a felony from before we met (10 years ago) and I’m hoping this doesn’t automatically disqualify my home.

    • Adina Young on

      Hi Karren,

      Thank you for your interest in participating in The Air Force Home Community Care Program. To join the program, we require the following documents to process your application;

       Air Force Home Community Care Application
       Current copy of your state child care license or registration.
       Copy of your most recent licensing inspection report.
       Proof of Child Care Liability Insurance with a minimum aggregate amount of $500,000.00.
       FBI background check results and child abuse & neglect registry check for all individuals 18 years of age or older.
       Current Pediatric First Aid & CPR Certification for yourself and assistants
       High School Diploma or General Educational Development Diploma (GED)

      The felony charge you mentioned in regards to your husband will have to be reviewed by the Air Force before a determination can be made. Of course we will need a copy of his FBI criminal history results. We also encourage applicants to submit a statement explaining what exactly occurred and why, and what steps have been taken to make sure the incident doesn’t occur again. Any supporting documents you may have in relation to the charge is helpful. Examples of acceptable supporting documents are evidence of rehab completion, record of dismissal, record of paid fines, etc. We are unable to determine if your husband would qualify until we obtain the documents and review them.

      More information:

      If you have any questions, please contact me directly at the phone number or e-mail below.


      Chavon Franklin
      Air Force Home Community Care Program Manager

      Child Care Aware® of America
      1515 N. Courthouse Rd – 2nd Fl., Arlington, VA 22201
      Phone: (571)527-3200 x 255 | Fax: (571)255-4904
      [email protected]


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