Health Resource Spotlight: Post-Disaster Child Care Needs and Resources

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Post-Disaster Child Care Needs and Resources

The Problem

Families and child care providers can face many challenges following a disaster, and they may not be aware of the various agencies that offer assistance.

One Solution

The following guidance document catalogs federal and other resources available to families, providers (including centers, in-home, and family child care providers), and communities in the aftermath of a disaster. It is posted on the Early Childhood Health and Wellness portal of the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) website.

The work-group that compiled Post-Disaster Child Care Needs and Resources identified major concerns and issues that have affected families, providers, and communities following past disasters, and organized the document around those gaps. For families, there’s a section on child care and child respite needs in the disaster relief environment. One of the sections for providers is on child care system considerations for short- and long-term recovery.

This is a valuable resource, published in 2016 and available in English.

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