3 Communication Tips From the Maryland Family Network

Guest Blogger: Sara Miller, Communications and Public Affairs Specialist

What does a Child Care Resource & Referral Agency do every day? Members of the Child Care Aware® of America communications team wanted to find out.

We traveled to Maryland to spend a day with the Maryland Family Network (MFN) leadership team, including Steve Rhode, Deputy Director of Resource and Referral Services and Arna Griffith, Director of LOCATE. Not only did we learn about the behind-the-scenes work they do every day to help Maryland’s more than 300,000 children in child care, but we were also excited to learn about their dynamic communications plan.

Here are three great tips we learned from MFN Communications Manager, Jennifer Williams:

1. Maryland Family Network has been very active on Facebook and Twitter, posting infographics, quotes and articles of interest. They rarely post information about their organization and are more focused on posts about early education and items of interest to their network.

2. MFN has found that video has been great for engaging their audience and reaching a broad network of families and child care providers. Each of the videos they write and produce is 2-4 minutes long and focuses on a different topic related to children. They post these videos on their website, in their quarterly newsletters and on YouTube.
Below is their latest video.

3. MFN sends out quarterly newsletters containing topical issues, but many times, readers look for information from the past. To ensure readers can easily access this information, MFN posts all of their past newsletters online in an easy-to-access format. They can quickly be accessed from the MFN homepage while also offering the opportunity to sign up for future newsletters.

We would love to hear how your communications team is trying new and innovative ways to reach out to your network. If you have something you want to share with us, please tweet us @USAChildCare and be sure to use #newmedia and #ChildCare in your post.

Sara is a Communications and Public Affairs Specialist at Child Care Aware® of America.

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