Reagan’s Story

Natalie Wolfe from Indiana did what many parents do when looking for child care.  Natalie and her husband asked family, friends and neighbors for recommendations.   They selected a provider to care for their two year old daughter as well as their newborn, 3-month-old daughter, Reagan.  Before placing their children in the care of this provider, they visited twice. They were happy with what they saw and expected their children to be safe.  The provider was unlicensed, but came with such good recommendations that Natalie and her husband felt comfortable selecting her to care for their children.  Reagan was 3 months old when she was found dead face-down on an adult bed in the provider’s home.  The provider had 10 children in her care the day that Reagan died, well over the limit which required a license in Indiana.

Training could have made a difference. Licensing could have made a difference. Regular inspections could have made a difference.  Hear the story about Reagan from Natalie Wolfe.  [youtube]


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