Madelyne’s Story

Lawrence Hall from Ohio did what many parents do when looking for child care.  Lawrence and his wife asked family, friends and neighbors for recommendations.  They selected a provider for their first-born daughter, Madelyne.  The provider was unlicensed but the Halls felt comfortable because everyone told them that the caregiver had 15 years of experience and was great with children.  On the day that Madelyne was found dead at the provider’s in-home child care, her body was found trapped within a port-a-crib. The police investigation cited the provider for having too many children in her care that day to operate an unlicensed child care home.  During the trial, the provider admitted on the stand that she was very sorry. She just forgot about Madelyne that day.

Training could have made a difference. Licensing could have made a difference. Regular inspections could have made a difference.  Hear the story about Madelyne from Lawrence Hall.  [youtube]


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