NDS Forms

Licensing Forms

  1. National Data System License Agreement Download and Submission Instructions (105.81 KB)
  2. National Data System License Agreement (84.63 KB)
  3. NDS License Agreement Addendum (207 KB)
  4. NACCRRAware.net Hosting Agreement (39.15 KB)
  5. NDS Application Request Form (187 KB)

Authorization Forms

  1. State Network Technical Support Contact Authorization Form (56.04 KB)
  2. Statewide Technical Support Contact Form (140.48 KB)
  3. State License Contract Assignment Contact Form (133.7 KB)
  4. State Server Security Level User Authorization Form (46.98 KB)
  5. Shared Database Agency Contact Form (135.74 KB)
  6. NDS Credit Card payment Form (35.73 KB)

Data Request Forms

  1. Advanced Support Request Form (124 KB)

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