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Helping Families and Children Cope with Traumatic Events

Crisis and Disaster Resources

Child Care Aware® of America is proud to work with the Partnership for Disaster Preparedness, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and Save the Children to protect children before, during and after an emergency — including traumatic events or natural disasters.

In the wake of any kind of emergency or disaster, large or small, children may feel anxious about their own safety and security. The resources provided below are tools for helping children and families cope with any tragedy as well as potential resources to aid in the restoration of child care services.

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Coping with Traumatic Events:

Trauma Recovery:

Dealing with Disasters:

Other Resources:


Additional Resources for School Professionals

Coping with Traumatic Events:

Other Resources:


Additional Resources for Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies


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