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Welcome to our Family Voices Blog/Vlog series! These stories, written by families like you, will elevate the contemporary triumphs, challenges, and opportunities present in their local child care settings and the child care system as a whole. So, grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea to enjoy while you immerse yourself in the real-world child care experiences of families from across the nation.


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Celebrating Family Voices

by April Dodge-Ostendorf, Manager of Family and Community Engagement Outreach

As the year ends, let’s take a moment to celebrate families and the role they played in advancing the child care system.

Families helped build awareness of quality child care and early brain development in their homes, child care programs, and social networks. Tens of thousands of parents became a resource for their families and friends by arming themselves with child care and early learning resources from our Child Care Aware® website, call-center, and online chat.  

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Reflections from a Child Care and Early Learning Family Advocate

by Sosha Chaney, Parent Advocate

Child Care Aware® of America believes that every family has an important perspective to be considered when making decisions in child care and early learning programs, state systems and nationwide. We recently sat down with Sosha, a vocal child care advocate, so she could share her journey into advocacy with you.

  • Access to reliable, education-based child care that meets the needs of families working non-traditional hours;
  • Affordable, high-quality child care options; and
  • Funding and support for early childhood programs that offer wraparound services to families.

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Parent experiences with child care are both important and impactful! These stories can have a huge impact with regard to policy decisions; for example, they can help policymakers understand that they need to work to make child care more affordable or that the quality of child care needs to be improved.

Your voice matters, and your story can make a difference in the safety, quality, and affordability of child care!

We invite you to use the link below to share your child care story and would love to hear your thoughts on any of the following:

  • provider compensation
  • child care search, helpful child care information
  • important considerations when choosing a child care provider
  • relationship with child care provider
  • the cost of child care, biggest child care related challenge
  • determining high-quality child care
  • keeping your child safe in a child care setting
  • finding child care for a child with special needs

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