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Health Resource Spotlight: The I Am Moving, I Am Learning Tool

Spotlight The I am Moving, I am Learning (IMIL) tool. The Problem It can be hard to know how to integrate movement or healthy habits throughout the day. One Solution IMIL is an interactive tool filled with quick and easy ideas for integrating movement, nutrition, and healthy habits into everyday life. There are two versions… Read more »

Reducing Obesity in Youth Act

Developing healthy eating habits and providing opportunities for active play and exploration early in a child’s life is crucial to creating a foundation for their physical health for years to come. Eating patterns, or choices regarding the amount and quality of food and nutrition, begin developing in children as young as seven months, so starting… Read more »

June 2016 Footnotes

Summer has arrived, and with it comes beautiful weather and longer days. This month we celebrated fathers, who play an important role in the early education and development of children. We also concluded Faces of Child Care, our eight-week series of stories from individuals who are transforming the child care system in inspiring ways. Learn… Read more »

Status of Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bills

By Summer Interns Abby Nugent and Luke Byrne Following the expiration of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 last fall, Congress has the opportunity to expand child nutrition programs to address the growing needs of families as well as extend access nationwide. Earlier this year the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry approved its… Read more »

Provider Health Spotlight on Cindy Hodges

Spotlight Cindy Hodges, provider, Tioga Early Childhood Development Center, Tioga, Texas The Problem Birthday parties. Every time one of the children in the Pre-K class had a birthday, the celebration involved cookies, cupcakes, or cake. The teachers wanted to: 1) help the children learn about healthy snacks and 2) avoid the “sugar high” brought on… Read more »

Children and Zika: What Child Care Providers Need to Know

Child care providers have a unique role to play when it comes to being prepared for many types of hazards and emergencies. During the summer months, children may be with you for extended hours, and by spending more time outdoors and playing outside, children are more susceptible to bug bites and stings. Not only can… Read more »

Fight the Bite of Mosquitoes this Summer

Summer is here, and with it the pesky hassle of mosquitoes. This year, the threat of mosquitoes has been in the spotlight more than usual thanks to the Zika virus. There are many effective ways to avoid mosquitoes and prevent those annoyingly itchy mosquito bites. Eliminate Places Where Mosquitoes Live and Breed When we talk… Read more »

Launch of New Children’s Environmental Health Blog Series

Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA) and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) are pleased to announce the launch of a new, recurring blog series covering environmental health and children. Blog posts will explore important issues that bridge the gap between environmental health and safety issues for children, including recent developments in these spaces, associated… Read more »

May 2016 Footnotes

May was a busy month for Child Care Aware® of America. We celebrated both mothers and child care providers across the nation as part of Mother’s Day and Provider Appreciation Day. Both serve an important role in not only nurturing but also educating children during crucial developmental stages in their lives. Below are some additional… Read more »

Healthy and Safe Swimming Week 2016

As the temperatures climb, the desire to involve children in water activities often rises as well.  After all, most of us enjoy the excitement and cooling effects that a swim in a pool, lake, or ocean can bring during the warm months! The week before Memorial Day, May 23-29, 2016, marks the twelfth annual Healthy… Read more »

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